WWW – How a student makes N200,000 per month through the internet

WWW also known as World Wide Web is a information location where information and documents are tagged by different Uniform Resource Locators (URL), these URL can be accessed through the internet. WWW is simply the web.

The WWW is invented by a British known as Tim Berners-Lee in 1990. The web browser he developed in 1990 was released to the general public through the internet in 1991.

The WWW is the reason a lot of us get information from the internet so easily nowadays. Hitherto, you have to check huge hard copy files for you to get information. Just imagine, people undergoing PhD programmes when there was not WWW.

Just a click of the mouse now, you can access information from the internet through the World Wide Web (WWW).

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WWW – How people make money from it

We have the approval of Seun to mention his name and share his story. Seun started to learn programming from the age of 11. He started building websites when he was 15 years old. He never knew he will make good money from it in future. He was just building websites and writing programs for fun.

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Seun got admitted for a degree course in Computer Science in the University of Lagos and he started building websites and writing codes for people, now he makes between N200,000 – N500,000 monthly. How did he achieve this feat?


He started young

Up till now, most parents in Nigeria still do not know why they should enroll their kids in programming or website development class. They believe it is for adults and that kids do not need the skills. In the developed countries, kids as young as 8 years old develops applications, some even build games that turned out to earn millions of dollars annually.

Seun had very educated parents who had lived in the United Kingdom for ages. They made sure that Seun started to learn basic programming when he clocked 11 years. This decision paid off as their kid became a good programmer before he left high school. Today, Seun is an expert; he does not need to search for paid employment after his university degree. In fact, Seun never wanted to go for a university degree because he never saw the benefit but his parents forced him to go for it.


His parents made him to love Mathematics

Mathematics is the bedrock of science and most inventions. Anyone with a good ability in mathematics can go far in life. Most people who hate mathematics is as a result of poor teaching methods of their early school mathematics teacher.

Seun’s parent bought toys that will need him to use simple logic to assemble when he was young. They made sure he was solving simple problems when he was a kid and he was rewarded for any problem solved. It was always drummed to his ears that mathematics is the simplest course and he must master it well.

Seun’s love for mathematics and logical reasoning made him a good programmer. Note that you do not need to be excellent in mathematics for you to be a website builder. Interest is what matters.


Constant Practice

Seun had the habit of constantly doing dummy projects with his programming skills while he was young. He was encouraged to always write codes to solve simple problems. After doing his home and school chores, he focuses on website building and programming. Practice they say makes perfection. Seun’s constant practice made him an expert in a very short time. The reward is the money he now earns from the World Wide Web (WWW).

Other success stories from WWW

We have so many Nigerians making money from the WWW. Another example is Uche. Uche is a young man who makes money by creating Amazon affiliates websites and selling the websites after few months of making money.

With his skills in wordpress design, search engine optimization and leads generation. Uche creates Amazon affiliate websites after getting few low competitive buy intent long tail keywords.

He writes long product review articles to using these low competitive buy intent long tail keywords. The review articles are written to review Amazon products in a chosen niche. Once his keywords rank well on Google and people start clicking through his articles to buy Amazon products, he gets commission from Amazon.

Uche sells the websites at multiples of 10-15. For example, if an Amazon affiliate website he builds earns $1,000 every month, he sells the website for $10,000 – $15,000.

Selling of income generating websites is called website flipping.

Some of you may think that Uche is an expert in computer science. Uche was once a nursery School teacher, he read Education History but when his income could not take him home, he decided to engage in some side hustles.

Uche read about affiliate marketing and how to design websites. Today, this 28 year old man is earning about $5,000 a month from his affiliate business.

Another young man who makes good money from the WWW is the popular internet comedian called Oga Adan. Here is a young man who posts funny videos on the social media. He now commands a large followership on Youtube, Twitter and Instagram. Some people may think he is just doing this business for fun but no, anybody that has large followership on the social media can make a lot of money from doing some form of advertisement for people.

There are other Nigerians who sell eBooks and other forms of information on the internet. They are called information marketer. Some of these information marketers make millions annually. If you are very skilled or knowledgeable in a field, you can out your thoughts into a book and market it on the internet. You can have your own website to sell these eBooks or put the eBooks on other peoples’ websites.

Are you still sitting on the fence thinking that there is n o money to be made on the internet? Jump into the party now and earn some cash from the World Wide Web (WWW).

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