12 ways female undergraduates make money

To write this note, I visited ten higher institutions in Nigeria to know how female undergraduates make money from side hustles. Most of these female undergraduates receive stipends from their parents when coming to school but they live like queens on campus.

When I visited University of Lagos, I saw so many young female undergraduates driving expensive cars and wearing very costly clothes. A particular lady I know was driving a 2014 Honda Accord and she lives in a 3-bed flat in Akoka, Lagos.

This lady comes from a very humble background; her father is a teacher while her mother is a street petty trader. Her parents give her just N6,000 monthly as feeding allowance. I asked her, young lady, how did you get the money to buy the car you are riding? She gave me a direct answer in Nigeria’s broken English, bros, na hustle.

What is the meaning of female undergraduates’’ hustle? Why do female undergraduates make money so easily than male undergraduates? Why do female undergraduates get favours more than male undergraduates?

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female undergraduates

How female undergraduates make money


Smart female undergraduates buy goods at wholesale price and retail them on campus for profit. Goods mostly sold by female undergraduates include underwear, clothing, hair attachments and body lotions etc.

They mostly target young men who will mostly not resist them. Some young men can buy things they do not need just to please the beautiful lady selling the goods. Some young men are very weak when they see attractive member of the opposite sex. How do you explain a man buying a shirt worth N2,000 for N10,000 just to please the lady selling it.

Glorified Prostitution

Female undergraduates called Olosho or Aristos ‘hang out’ with men even those old enough to be their grandfathers in exchange for a fee. Some of these female undergraduates belong to groups headed by a pimp. The pimp goes out to get clients for them.

Once a man needs their services, he gets them through their pimp or leader. These female undergraduates will be taken to a hotel or any location suitable for the under the bedspread business. Some of these female undergraduates earn up to N100,000 per session depending on how rich and generous their clients are.

I have heard of a situation where a politician gave a female undergraduate $10,000 for having a ‘nice time’ with him.

Some female undergraduates also go to red light districts at night just to get men who will take them home for romp. Female undergraduates who engage in this charge between N5,000 – N50,000 per night.

Technology is gradually changing the business of prostitution among female undergraduates. Some of them now join a social media platform called Tinder. With Tinder, they get clients so easily. Tinder allows a lot of randy men to see the pictures of several ladies and engage with the ones they prefer.

Prostitution is called hustle among female undergraduates. Most of them see nothing bad in it and some go on to have good husband and family after doing this business in their youthful days.

Working in strip clubs and bars

It is not uncommon to see female undergraduates stripping to their pants while dancing in strip clubs or bars. This sight is common in big cities like Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. The owner of these clubs employ beautiful ladies especially undergraduates who do pole dancing while wearing no clothing except pants and bras.

The dancers perform in a very erotic way that impresses the onlookers especially men, some of these men will drop naira or even dollar bill on the body of the dancers. The dancers may sit on the laps of some men and continue to rub their buttocks on the laps of these men. The men are mostly carried away by this display; they can spend all the money on them on these strip dancers.

The main reason people especially men go to strip clubs is just to see women who are half naked and possibly get these women to sit on their laps and make them feel good.

Anita (not real name) told me that she sometimes make up to N100,000 per night working as a dancer in a strip club frequented by foreigners in Lagos. According to Anita, some of the foreigners spend up to $200 for her; they are so impressed with the big backside of Nigerian ladies.

Dating old rich men

This is not prostitution. Some female undergraduates prefer dating old rich men. Old rich men are always very happy to date young ladies. They believe that dating young ladies is a status symbol. Knowing fully well that old men die for their bodies, female undergraduates milk these old men dry for money.

Some of the female undergraduates end up marrying these old rich men. There are several examples of female undergraduates in the University of Lagos ending up to marry rich men old enough to be their grandfather.

Working as event ushers

Go to parties or events nowadays, you see very beautiful young ladies always smiling to you whilst asking you what you need. Event planners have realized that females especially the young ones have the inborn ability of making events and parties lively.

These female ushers direct guests to their allocated seats, they ask guests what to eat and they attend to other chores at the event venue.

Some of the party goers give these ushers some tips. Randy men among the guests can request for the services of bad girls among the ushers after the party.

I attended a party in Lagos and I asked one of the female ushers how they recruit them. She said all of them are students of Lagos State Polytechnic.

Dating and deceiving several boys on campus

Some female undergraduates date two or more boys especially fellow undergraduates with the aim of getting money from all of them.

The female undergraduates mostly deceive these young men that they like them only to milk them dry and bolt away.

Other money making venture female undergraduates do include:

  • Freelancing on sites like Fiverr
  • Part time job
  • Attending parties for a fee
  • Making hair
  • Make-up business
  • Pedicure and manicure etc

As a female undergraduate in Nigeria, the opportunities to make money are limitless if you are smart.

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