USA Dating App to Join

The dating and mingling game has changed from the time of our parents. Today, some Nigerians prefer to choose a USA dating app to join in order to start the dating and friendship game.

Why USA dating app you may ask? Some Nigerians especially the young ones have the opinions that men and women from the US are more likeable, willing to date Africans and they have a lot of money to spend.

Most Nigerians who join US dating apps do so to either get married to an American or immigrate to the US. Though, some people may deny this fact. Some bad Nigerians also register on a US dating app to scam Americans.

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Some USA Dating Apps

There are several USA dating apps but I will list and explain a few.


Tinder is a social media app that also functions as a dating app. It is the most popular dating app in Nigeria today. A lot of young people use this USA dating app to find people they can date or befriend online.

Though, Tinder is notorious for being a place people can carry out nefarious activities like prostitution and online scams. Some young women in Nigeria now sell sex on this dating app an d they see willing men who are ready to pay for their service.

You just need to download this app on your internet connected phone and start mingling. With Tinder, you can date people from the United States, Australia, United Kingdom and a host of other developed countries.

Though Tinder is a location based app, there are ways you can change your location and start dating people who are not in your country or region.

Tinder has an office in Silicon Valley, California, USA.

Coffee meets Bagel

Just like Tinder, Coffee meets Bagel is a USA dating app. You can find people you like to data on this dating platform. Just log in and start a relationship with whoever you like.

There are stories of people meeting their wives and husbands on this dating community. Some Nigerians have immigrated to some of the developed countries courtesy of the people they meet on Coffee meets Bagel.

There are negative stories too. There are some bad people who use this platform for scam. They deceive the people they date by scamming them of huge sums of money.

USA dating app


This is one of the oldest USA dating app. Match is an online match making company that finds people who are willing to date you based on the requirements you put on their platform.

Match sometimes restrict Nigerians from joining this platform. If you are unable to visit this app because of your Nigerian IP address, you can get a proxy IP and join easily.

Before the advent of Tinder and others, Match was very popular in Nigeria. It was one of the first dating sites Nigerians got hooked to.

You can download Match’s app on your phone or just visit their website and register.

There are some free dating apps not based in the US that are also good. Examples of these dating sites are Jaumo, Lovoo and Bumble etc.

You can read more about Jaumo here.

If you want to start online dating on a US dating app, just go on and join any of the apps I have mentioned above.

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