Toxicwap – How a young Nigerian makes N200,000 monthly from this site

Toxicwap is one of the most popular music, movies, games, wall papers, themes and eBooks download websites in the world. A lot of Nigerians visit this site everyday to download music and videos to their mobile phones and tablets.

Hitherto, it was a challenge to get where to download music, wall papers and videos to your mobile phone free of charge. Nigerians had to buy downloaded music at a very expensive rate. Today, Toxicwap and Tubidy has solved the problem.

Everybody likes music. You will hardly see a Nigerian without a lot of music tracks on his mobile phone. Aside Tubidy, Toxicwap is highly popular among Nigerians especially the young ones.

You need to visit the appropriate section on Toxicwap when you want to download music. There are sections for android phone users, iphone users, blackberry phone users and play station player users.

You can download music from Toxicwap by visiting

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How Toxicwap makes N200,000 per month for a young Nigerian

Oluwaseun is a 26 year old graduate. He decided to open a mobile phone repair shop when he was unable to get a white collar job. This job would later make him good money every month.

Toxicwap is one of the major tools used by Oluwaseun to make money monthly.

How did Oluwaseun used Toxicwap you may ask.

Oluwaseun rented a small shop where he was repairing mobile phones and tablets.

Oluwaseun noticed after few weeks of starting his business that a significant percentage of his customers requested music downloads on their mobile phones.

Oluwaseun researched online how he could download music to people’s mobile phone and he got to know about

Oluwaseun operates in a busy area where he charges his customers between N1,000 – N3,000 depending on the number of downloads they want.

As simple as it may look, this is how Oluwaseun makes good money through Toxicwap every month.


How to download movies from Toxicwap

  • Go to
  • Select music from the options in the home page
  • Search for the music you want in the search bar
  • Click the music chosen
  • Then, save the file

How to download movies from Toxicwap

Toxicwap is not about music alone, you can also download movies to your mobile phone from this website.

Below are the steps to take to download movies to your phone (your phone should be internet connected):

  • Visit through your mobile phone browser (Google chrome or UC browser)
  • Choose movies from the options on the home page
  • Type the movies you want to download on the search bar
  • Click proceed to download
  • Select the quality of video you want
  • The last step is for you to save the file

Toxicwap remains one the best site to download music, videos and wall papers on the internet.

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