Tinder and Dating Apps – Make N10 million per annum selling sex

Tinder is an application designed for meeting people around your location. It is one of the free dating apps Nigerians and other people around the world use. Just like other social media apps, it is a great platform to meet and interact with people you like.

You can arrange a date on Tinder. However, bad girls in Nigeria have turned this social media app to a platform for selling sex. Young women have now seen the opportunities of being on Tinder; it is not uncommon to see ladies making 100% of their income from engaging on glorified prostitution through the use of Tinder app.

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Tinder and other dating apps – Disruption of the prostitution market in Nigeria

Prostitution is illegal in most countries of the world. In Nigeria, high profile prostitution is managed by ‘professional managers’. These managers called ‘pimps’ arrange girls for rich men (company executives, businessmen and politicians). They take commission from any monies paid to the prostitutes popularly called ‘olosho’ or ‘runs girls’ or ‘Aristos’.

With the advent of Tinder and other dating apps, the business of these professional managers is gradually being disrupted; most randy men now go on social media apps to search for ladies they want to have affairs with. It is cheaper for them and they do not need to go through any intermediary.

How bad girls make money on Tinder and other dating apps

Register on Tinder

The first step is to register on Tinder app or any dating apps of your choice; you need an android phone or an iphone to download the app on your phone. After downloading the app, you register, you should put very erotic picture as your profile picture. Also, you may avoid showing your face for obvious reasons.

It is not a bad idea to get a professional photographer to help you in taking nice shots and editing the pictures if necessary.

Write a bio about yourself

During or after registration on Tinder, you will be asked to write a short biography (bio) about yourself. You should craft an attractive and sexy bio about yourself. This will help in attracting people to you.

Search for people around your location

You will need to search for people that you may be interested in. You will scan through profiles and pictures on the social media app.

Get invites on Tinder

When people like your profile and pictures on Tinder, they may call you for ‘hook up’. Hook up is a slang used in Nigeria for fun and sex. You will strike a deal on the phone about your charges. Some young women charge as high as N50,000 for hook up.

Meet-up with your client

Both of you will arrange a convenient place for hook up, you should act smart and play safe. Never go to a desolate place where you can be kidnapped or harmed. Popular places are better for hook ups.

Do the business, make money and repeat the process

After meeting your clients, do what is required of you according to the agreement, in most cases, you will need to have sex with your client. Get your money and repeat the process again for other clients. It is advisable that you protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.

tinder and dating apps

Strategies to make money on Tinder

Use good profile pictures

Again, it is very important to use very attractive and erotic pictures, Pictures partially showing parts of your body that will attract the opposite sex. You may hide your face. Good photographers can help you edit your pictures for sharp look.

You should note that most men take decisions to deal with you by mere looking at your pictures; people relate with images 400% better than words.

Dress well

Do not go out to meet your date by dressing like an 80 year old woman. Do not also dress like if you are going for an interview. Dressing like a tout or real prostitute will also not do you any good. You should dress like a normal girl going out for a date with a friend.

Wear good cologne and make sure you smell nice. Bad body odour repel a lot of people, nobody wants to go intimate with a smelly lady.

You may also shave your armpit and pubic hair. Try not to look unkempt.

Wash your mouth and if possible make a mouth rinsing solution handy, your mouth must smell nice. Your hair should not look rough or too bushy, make nice hair style.

Act and speak intelligently

When you meet your client, you should act like a very intelligent lady. Speak about politics and your areas of interest. It is cool to ask for the interests of your clients. People are always happy to meet very intelligent ladies. Your client may increase your charges because of the intelligence you displayed. There are instances where ladies who met men on Tinder got fantastic jobs because of how intelligently they spoke when they met their clients.

There are instances where clients give ladies millions of naira as gift because of how they perceived the ladies. Perception is key, even if you are a dunce, act like an intelligent lady.

Pretend to be a good girl

You must observe your client and analyse their personality. If your client looks a bit decent, after doing business with him, you may initiate a conversation about what led you to selling sex on Tinder. Pretend you are a good girl but that the economic situation of the country led you to the business. If you are a degree holder, you can say you need money to fund your postgraduate studies. Just give excuses why you are engaging in the business.

Note that this strategy will not work for a bad guy. With this tactics, you can get more money or get some other benefits.

Be polite

Acting rude will not do you any good. Always be polite to your clients. A smile will not cost you anything; putting up a smile always will impress your client. Nobody wants to play with a frowning lady who looks very unhappy. Smile all the way, who knows, he may pay you more or give you some other tokens and benefits.

Read about Ifeoma Kemi (not real name)

Ifeoma is one pretty damsel with fantastic brain; she has a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering. Her hope of securing a good job after graduation was dashed due to the economic situation of Nigeria. To make matters worse, her mother died few months after graduation. She had earlier lost her father. She is now saddled with the responsibility to cater for her young siblings.

Ifeoma got to know about Tinder from her friends. She registered and got hook ups for dates. Initially, she never wanted to trade her body for money but she later realised that people do not give out free money if you do not give them any value.

Luckily, she got hooked up with a high ranking politician in Abuja, when they met, Ifeoma spoke very intelligently. Ifeoma proffered solutions to several engineering problems in Nigeria. The politician was ‘wowed’, he asked Ifeoma what she wanted, Ifeoma said she will like to run a PhD in engineering in the UK. Shockingly, the politician paid for her PhD fees and offered her a job after completion of her studies.

Ifeoma now work part—time for a company owned by a friend of the politician, she is paid N10 million annually.

As bad as it may look, bad girls in Nigeria have turned Tinder, Jaumo and other dating apps to money making platforms.

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