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A thesis or dissertation is used interchangeably. In the case of this study, both words have the same meaning. A thesis or dissertation is a research document submitted as part of requirements to get an academic degree or an allied qualification. A thesis or dissertation contains the result of an author’s research and findings.

Submission of a thesis or dissertation or project is a key requirement for the award of a BSc, MSc and PhD degree in Nigeria and other countries of the world.

We also help students and researchers in developing Action Learning Projects (ALP).

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Structure of a thesis or dissertation

A thesis or dissertation has a structure it should follow. The structure is discussed below:

Research Proposal

Though writing a research proposal is not a direct part of the structure of a thesis or dissertation. However, writing a research proposal is the first step to take before your supervisor or course leader approves your final dissertation or research topic. If your supervisor is happy with your research proposal, he will give you a green light to commence the writing of your dissertation.

Take a research proposal as a mini thesis.

Title Page

This page shows your name, student identification number if any, class of degree and dissertation title. Some schools may require more information on the title page while some others may only need your name. Your title page does not carry any mark or score. It is simply for identification and thesis tagging.


Abstract is the brief summary or overview of the whole research work. Your abstract should be between 300 – 1,000 words depending on your research topic and the class of degree.

Table of Content

The table of content is also called contents page. This page lists out all the topics, sub-topics, headings and sub-headings in your thesis. It shows the page where each heading or sub-heading falls into.


The introduction details the basic outline of the thesis. The introduction should show why you have chosen the research topic. It should also explain the structure of the dissertation. The introduction can also show more briefs about all the headings and sub-headings of the thesis.


This explains the qualitative and quantitative research methods you will use for the thesis. This section basically outlines the methods you intend to use for your dissertation.

Literature Review

This is one of the most important parts of the thesis structure. In this section, the research examines the current literature related to his research topic, the researcher tries to see a gap in the subject matter of the research and show some proofs that his current thesis will fill the gap in his research field.

To write a good literature review, you need to read and analyse a lot of research papers, similar thesis, interviews from scholars in your field and other research work.

Main Body of the Thesis

The main body of the thesis may have several headings and sub-headings (sub-chapters). The sub-chapters should include your main research, analysis of data and presentation of your research findings.


The conclusion should show why you went into the research work, limitations of the research work you carried out, application of your research findings to real word issues and your research findings. The conclusion should include suggestions for further research. It is the closure of your thesis.

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Some of the thesis or dissertations we have written

A very senior banker in Nigeria who was studying for a master’s degree in finance from one of the top universities in the United Kingdom on part time basis contacted us for the writing of his Msc dissertation.

The banker resumes work as early as 7am and leaves office by 10pm daily. He also goes to work on weekends, he had no time to write his thesis, hence the need for a dissertation writer.

We engaged him and concluded the work in record time. The banker went on to have an MSc with distinction. His fantastic result got him a new job with a higher rank and better salary. Who says hard work pays, sorry it is smart work. If you are not working smart, you may not make headway in life.

A young man who was pursuing an MSc degree in Geology asked us to assist him in writing his MSc thesis. He knew what he was doing so he had already developed the structure of the dissertation. He had done 30% of the work already. We engaged some of our writers who are expert in the field (most of our writers are PhDs). Our writers concluded the thesis for him. This young man got a PhD scholarship based on the strength of the research work we did for him.

We also helped a famous politician in Nigeria to write his PhD thesis. He was so impressed that he had to pay us double the fee we charged him. Today, the politician has a Dr. affixed as part of his name. Having a PhD was one of his life ambitions then and we made it seamless for him.

We have helped a lot of people to do their research work, complete coursework and write thesis or dissertation.

What you should know about our thesis writing service

If you are interested in our service or you want us to be your dissertation writer, just contact us. If we agree on terms, we will set the ball rolling.

We treat our customers and the service we offer with utmost confidentiality. We will never disclose the slightest detail of any work we get. In most cases, we may engage more than one writer to write your dissertation.

All our writers are MSc and PhD holders. 85% of our writers studied for their degrees in Europe and North America. We are skeptical about employing writers with Nigerian degrees because we know that most Nigerians just copy and paste when it comes to thesis writing.

Our work is original, no plagiarism of any kind. We use Grammarly and Copyscape to check for originality.

We subscribe to the latest data gathering portals, Bloomberg terminal, research journals sharing sites and other research databases.

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