7 strategies used by Rogue NGOs to make money

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) are not for profit groups the help the society in the areas of education, healthcare, societal integration, humanitarian work, violence against children and women and all other causes.

To run a Non-Governmental Organisation in Nigeria, you need to register with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

NGOs get funding from different sources. Governments, corporate bodies, individuals and other NGOs fund a lot of NGOs in Nigeria and other countries.

Some NGOs are funded by their owners. Examples of self funded NGOs include the Bill and Melinda Gate NGO, Goodluck Jonathan NGO and Kanu Heart Foundation.

It should be noted that there are rogue NGOs using unethical practices to run their organizations and make money.

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Strategies used by rogue NGOs to make money

It is a known fact that some NGOs are set up just to make money for the promoters, not necessarily to help the society.

Some of the strategies used by rogue NGOs to make money include:

Register with the CAC

To appear legitimate, the promoters of a rogue NGO will register their organization so that people will think they are legal and doing the right thing.

Once an NGO is legally registered, it can start carrying out the roles expected of an NGO.

Identify with a cause

The NGO will identify with a cause. In most cases, a rogue NGO will identify with causes that can make them money. Examples of these causes include healthcare, women empowerment, children right and agriculture etc.



A rogue NGO will deploy marketing tactics to make people know about them and their activities. Propagandists can be used to spin news about the NGO in the media.

Digital marketing is often used to make NGOs have better prominence on search engines, social media and the web. You make more money when people continue to see your name and brand on the web.

Lies and deceit

A rogue NGO involved in children rights may coarse children to lie that their parents, teachers or guardians are molesting or maltreating them. This rogue NGO will make the news go viral on the social media and the dailies.

This tactics of using lies and deceits will make sponsors think that the rogue NGO is doing a good job.

There are some rogue NGOs led by feminists who continue to destroy homes by telling married women to divorce their husbands using flimsy excuses.

Research has shown that some of the feminists who lead this type of rogue NGOs are just bitter women who cannot sustain any relationship but prefer other women to be like them. They encourage innocent women to leave their husbands.

It should be noted that there are very good feminists but the bad ones amongst them just play on the intelligence of other women to make money for themselves using their rogue NGOs.

Identify with bad causes

In some countries of the world, we have heard of NGOs buying arms for rebel groups and terrorists in order to keep a war alive. These rogue NGOs make money from wars by pretending to help people affected by the war.

They know if the war ends, they will not make money again. In order to guarantee their flow of revenue, they employ unethical practices to keep the war going.

Bribe government officials

Some of these rogue NGOs bribe government officials to look the other way when they are committing atrocities.

The rogue NGOs know that government can easily curb their excesses so they find unscrupulous civil servants and politicians to bribe in order to sustain their unethical means of doing business.

Partnership with the media

To give legitimacy to their nefarious activities, rogue NGOs partner with media houses with the aim of publishing positive stories about their activities.

When media houses continue to publish nice stories about an NGO, the chances of the NGO to raise funds are increased.

Employ smart people

Rogue NGOs employ very smart people who can go around convincing people to lie that they are being maltreated or harassed by their husbands, parents, teachers or guardians (this is the case of a rogue NGO involved in human rights).

These rogue NGOs know that the chances to be caught when doing bad things using smart people are lower.

That a NGO helps a lot of people in your country does not mean that they do not use unethical practices to make money. Do you know any unethical practices deployed by any NGO? If yes, let us discuss in the comments section.

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