Sex Videos – Make $20,000 per month from these films

By Ayo Akinfolarin / August 10, 2018

Sex videos are often viewed in the bad light by some people. Do you know that you can make a ton of money from sex movies?

Yes, a lot of people just view these videos for pleasure. Smart people are making good money from it daily. I have heard of a young man in India making over $1 million annually from sex videos.

I personally know a young man in Nigeria who makes $20,000 from these x-rated videos every month. He is not one who enjoys watching this kind of videos, what he does is to make money out of them. He has over 8 blogs for this project.

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How to make money from sex videos

Please do not be surprised, you can make good money from sex movies as I have explained earlier. Below are some of the ways you can make money from sex videos:

Create porn videos and sell

Creating this type of videos can make you lots of money. You just need to find a way to find people or you do the videos yourself and start uploading on popular x-rated websites.

The websites will pay you for every video you upload. If your video gets a lot of views, you will earn more.

Some people do the videos themselves and upload on websites to earn money.

You can also sell the video rights to other people. Some people earn several thousand of dollars by selling the rights of their sex videos.

sex videos

Create sex videos to teach couples how to enjoy their marriage

Do you know that some couples buy sex videos in order to improve their sex and marriage lives? A lot of problems in marriage are caused by poor sex lives of the couples. To forestall these problems, some couples buy x-rated videos in order to learn new techniques to be used to satisfy their partners.

If you can create and produce this type of videos, you will make money.

You need to find the best channels to sell these videos.

Start a blog about sex movies

Starting a blog for your sex videos can be a great way to earn sustainable income from sex videos. Ordinarily, blogging can make you rich if you know what you are doing.

You need to buy and host a domain name, build your website or blog with wordpress and start uploading contents (articles and videos).

You will need to monetize the blog in order to make money.

Below are some of the ways you can monetize a blog in the sex niche:

Cost Per Action (CPA)

You can monetize your blog using CPAs. There are a lot of CPAs you can choose from. You just need to research well and choose the best CPA.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can make your blog earn good income. You can participate in affiliate marketing programs related to the sex niche

Sell a product

You can sell sex products like sex toys, medications subject to the laws in your country and vibrators etc on your blog. You need to be able to get leads through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) email marketing in order to make your blog make good money through this route.


You can make money through ads. Companies selling sex products and other products may want to advertise on your blog. Your blog must have

Be an actor in sex videos

Like the Hollywood, actors who participate in sex videos earn good money. Some even earn up to $100,000 depending on their pedigree.

You can make a whole lot of money by taking this route.

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