Report Writing – How to master this type of writing

Report writing is one of the most searched keywords by white collar workers in Nigeria. There are people who find it very difficult to write a report. This is not a bad thing; report writing is not like the conventional type of writing people are used to.

What is report writing? A report is a statement or note written for a specific type of audience. A report is expected to have different sections and the information therein must be clear and convey meaning to those who are intended to read or view it.

A bank managing director may ask one of his field managers to write a report about the meeting they both attended. The managing director expects the field manager to put up a note containing the vital information discussed at the meeting. The report must be clear, concise and meaningful.

A report must not necessarily be lengthy; the key thing is that it must be useful for the audience who it is intended for.

report writing

The structure of a good report

Title Page

The title page shows the title of the report e.g. the report on the meeting between the Managing Director and the Executive Governor of Lagos State.

The title page will normally be a separate page.

Terms of reference

This may not be necessary, though reports have it. The terms of reference may show what the report is meant for and those expected to read it.

Executive summary

The executive summary shows what the report is about in few sentences. The executive summary can also be called an abstract. It is usually in a separate page.

Table of Contents

The table of contents is a list that shows all the sections and sub sections of the report. The page of each section or sub-section is written in the front of each section or subsection in the page hosting the table of contents.


The introduction of the report shows the aims and objectives of the report. It simply tells what the report will be like.

Body of report

The body of the report may contain sections like method, results and discussion. It depends on the type of report you are writing and who will consume the information in the report.

The discussion section of the report shows the real information about what the report is trying to cover. It is the most important section. Anybody who reads the discussion section can deduce what the report is meant for.


The conclusion page shows the salient points covered in the report.

Some types of reports like an academic report may take the form of a thesis. You should write a report according to what it is meant for.

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