Political parties and elections – Make N10 million from this ‘business’

By Ayo Akinfolarin / September 13, 2018

Political parties and elections in Nigeria are run like businesses. Most of the people who participate in electoral matters in Nigeria make millions of Naira from it.

Though politicians deceive the populace that they are working for them but in the actual sense they are working for themselves by amassing stupendous wealth.

You can make good money from political parties and elections if you work smart and you know the right political group to join.

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How to make money from political parties and elections

Below are some of the ways you can make money from political parties and elections:

Join one of the political parties

There are a lot of political parties in Nigeria. You just need to join the one that is popular in your locality. Do not be deceived that you can make money only from the two dominant parties.

There are other small parties with a lot of money bags. Just look around and join the one you know you can be easily noticed and rewarded.

Contest in a general election

Nigerian political office holders are some of the best paid in the world. Members of the federal parliament in Nigeria earns about N300-N400 million annually ($1 million). Most political office holders in Nigeria are well paid.

If you have the resources and the clout, just contest for a post, if you win, you will become a millionaire or even a billionaire.

I one had a friend who was a councilor for few years and he made the money a professor cannot make in 20 years.

Be active in the party

Participate in all the activities of the party and let your voice be heard. Garner attention at all cost so that you can be noticed.

Once you are noticed, your chances of making money will significantly improve.

Naturally, people tend to gravitate towards those who are very popular and active in a political party. A politician will prefer to have popular members of the party on his side. He is also likely to pay the popular members handsomely so that they can be his side.

Strive to be an agent during an election

Most political parties in Nigeria use the indirect method of electing candidates during their primary elections. Delegates are chosen to cast their votes for the candidate they prefer to represent the party at the general elections.

Some delegates earn $10,000 each just to vote for a candidate during the shadow elections. Political activities in Nigeria have been totally monetized.

Even those shouting that they are fighting corruption pay delegates heavily during primary elections.

Help politicians to spin news and stories

Politicians especially political office holders now hire young people to go on the social media and forums to spin news and stories.

In most cases, these young people misrepresent facts and information in other to deceive the populace. Most politicians in Nigeria are crooks so they prefer to lie about their achievements in office and what they have done for the people who voted them in.

If you know how to write well, you can make good money working as spin doctors and propagandists for politicians especially political office holders.

political parties and election

Act as an aide to a politician

Most top politicians have a lot of aides. These aides carry out all manners of work. Some go around soliciting votes for their masters while others just help in protecting the politicians from harm.

Some even help politicians to distribute money to people. If you have a skill you know a politician will need, why not find one and convince him how you can be of value to him.

If you implement the strategies I have shared in this post, you will make good money from political parties and elections.

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