Old bet9ja – Make N12 Million from this game

Old bet9ja is the old version of bet9ja game. This betting platform is the most popular in Nigeria. A lot of people place bets on the outcome of sporting events by using this service.

Betnaija pays all those who win their bets their winnings within 24 hours, you just need to register online or walk into any of their shops to place your bets.

This article is about a young woman who won N12 million on the platform of old bet9ja. She simply placed a bet on the outcome of a UK premiership football game and she won N12 million.

How to play Old bet9ja game

You need to take the below steps in order to play an old bet9ja game:

Register online or walk into a betnaija shop

To start participating in the betting games of this platform, you can either do it online or you walk into any of their shops.

To place a bet online, you need to register on the website of bet9ija. After this is done, you can add your ATM or debit card and start using your funds to play the game.

Alternatively, you can visit any of the shops owned by the agents of bet9ja to place your bet. There are betting shops in all nooks and crannies of big cities in Nigeria especially Lagos.

Once you locate a betting shop, speak with the agent you see there, ask him about the game you will prefer to bet on, pay and place your bet.

If you win, you will be asked to go to the betting shop to claim your winning.

Research the games you are interested in

You need to carry out a detailed research before you commit your funds to sports betting. Betting is not gambling, you need to look at historical data of the game or player you want to bet on.

For example, if you want to bet that Chelsea will win their next match, you need to be a good follower of Chelsea Football club. If you are not, you need to know the past scores and other information about Chelsea FC. This will guide you to make the right betting decision.

There are companies that can help you to do a good research; most of these companies also do sports prediction service.

old bet9ja

Place your bet

After conducting a good research, now is the time to place your bet. Your research would have shown you the type of game you want to bet on.

If you want to place your bet on the web, you just need to look at the betting odds and use your ATM or debit card to pay for the bet.

If you win, your bank account will be credited with the winning sum.

Alternatively, you can visit a betting shop, speak with the shop attendant, pay and place your bet.

If you win, you will need to go back to the betting shop to claim your winning. It is possible you claim your winning same day.

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How to make money from old bet9ja

You can make money from old bet9ja by doing the following:


You can make money from this service by betting on the outcome of events. You just need to carefully research your targeted game and your chances of winning will significantly improve.

Never bet blindly.

Start a prediction service

You can start a betting prediction service. A lot of people help others in predicting the numbers that will win. They do it through historical data research and other means.

If you can predict for people, you will make good money.

Have a betting shop

You can visit the head office of betnaija and ask them that about being their agent.

You will need to convince the company that you have a shop in a place with good foot traffic and that you are financially buoyant enough to buy the equipment needed. N500,000 is enough to start a good betting shop.

Selling food and drinks alongside your betting agency business can help in increasing your income. I know a betnaija agent who makes N120,000 monthly from selling food and drinks in his betting shop. This is different from the earnings he makes from his betting agency business.

Old bet9ja can be very profitable. You can also make N12 million like the young lady if you research well before placing your bet.

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