Npower Nigeria – Apply Now for the 2018 batch

Npower is an empowerment programme designed for unemployed university and polytechnic graduates in Nigeria.

Npower also has the non-graduate category. This category is not as popular as the graduate category.

The Federal Government deemed it fit to create a sort of contract job for unemployed graduates to cushion the effects of poverty whilst at the same time providing valuable experience. The experiences obtained from Npower can help the participants get better jobs in future.

Npower Nigeria Programmes

Graduate Category

The Npower Nigeria volunteer corps under the category is opened to graduates of tertiary institutions between the ages of 18 and 35.

The duration of this volunteer programme is a renewable term of 2 years. Volunteers are paid N30,000 per month.

Non-Graduate Category

This is opened to only Nigerians who are non-graduates of tertiary institutions. Though this category is not too popular but the government places adverts for employment for this category once in a while.

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Npower Nigeria Volunteer Programme

Npower Agro

This is opened to Bsc, HND and ND holders in agricultural related fields. It is for a term of 2 years and the volunteers under this group are expected to help the government in driving its agriculture agenda.

Npower Health

This is opened to graduates of medicine, dentistry, nursing, community health and other allied disciplines. The participants are expected to engage in public health issues.

Npower Teach

Graduates in education related courses or those willing to teach are allowed to participate in this category. They will be expected to work in schools around the country.

Npower Tax

Graduates under this group will be employed as community tax liaison officers. They will interact with people and educate them on the reasons to pay tax.

Npower Creative

Graduates under this group will work for the development of the creative industry in Nigeria. Fields like animation, script writing and video production etc are encouraged under this category.

Npower Build

This is focused on disciplines like building, construction and automotive science.

Npower Tech Hardware

This is for technicians to build phones, laptops and other electronics.

Npower Tech Software

This is focused on graduates who are willing to develop a career in computer programming and software development.

How to apply for Npower Nigeria

You need to visit the website of Npower to apply as a volunteer in this scheme. Just log on to

Npower started recruitment in 2017 and it is done annually. Please check frequently for updates on employment.

How to check Npower list

Npower will usually notify you if your application. Npower list of successful applicants can also be downloaded on Npower’s website.

Where to get Npower news

Npower news can be gotten from, you can also get Npower news on popular news media like the punch, vanguard and a host of other news websites.

There are stories of people who have gotten better jobs with the experiences they had in Npower. Some have gone to start their own businesses earning them millions of naira.

Are you still unemployed? Why not apply for a role on the Federal Government’s Npower Nigeria volunteer scheme.

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