Notjustok: How you can make N1 million monthly from this music website

Do you know that you can make over 1 million naira per month from notjustok? Yes, notjustok is a musical website or blog where people especially Nigerians download musical audios and videos. You can download and listen to over 12,000 different musical audios and videos on notjustok. All you need is to go to

I am sure you think that this website is only for the downloading of musical audios and videos. You will be surprised to hear that people make sustainable income every month through this blog. I will show you how you too can make good money from the website.

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How Notjustok started

This musicial website was established in 2006 by a young man called Ademola Ogundele. It started as a hobby but today this musical blog gets over 1 million website visits every month from 183 countries. The popularity of this blog has spiraled to countries outside Nigeria.

Notjustok is one of the most visited websites in Nigeria. Most if not all of the most popular musical audios and videos in Nigeria are posted on this musical website.


How to create a profile on Notjustok

Go to, click the menu tab at the top right corner of the website, then click sign up

You can create a new account on notjustok with email address, phone number and a password of your choice. Alternatively, you can use your existing Twitter or Facebook account to create an account on notjustok

Get your picture uploaded on this musical website

You will be asked on the account sign up form to insert your name, it is better you add both your first and last names

Choose your city and country of residence

Fill in the details of your social media handles in the account sign up form

Provide your brief profile

Save the sign up form

How to upload songs on Notjustok

Find the upload tab on the top right corner of notjustok’s website, click the tab and you will see a new upload page

You will see an upload button, click this button and you will be able to upload your songs. Alternatively, you can drag your song into the upload page and they will be saved on the website

You will see a lot of options; just continue to upload your songs. The website will show the rate at which the songs are being uploaded.

You can upload almost all formats of musical audios.

When the uploading process is done, you can click on the save tab. Once this is done, you can view your songs on notjustok’s website anytime. Other viewers can also view your songs, download them and listen to them.

If you are a new or upcoming musician, notjustok can give your musical career good mileage.

How you can make millions from Notjustok

You can make money from notjustok by using the below strategies:

Upload your music

If you are a musician especially an upcoming musician, you can gain popularity by uploading your songs on this website. The website is visited by over a million people every month. If your song sounds good to the hearing of the visitors to this musical website, you will make a ton of money from the popularity you will get.

Musicians make money through fame not necessarily through the marketing of their songs. When a musician is popular, he or she can earn millions of dollars from endorsement. This is what this website can do for you.

You just need to invest time and energy to write and produce a good song.

Search for musical talents

Some people make money by searching for musical talents. Their work is to identify good upcoming musician, help them gain popularity and promote their career. If you know how to manage talents, you can use this musical website to identify good upcoming musician and polish their career.

You can make millions of naira as a scout of talents.

Now that you know that money can be made from notjustok, what are you still waiting for?

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