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Murano F1 Cucumber Review – Can I make N2 million from this variety?

By Ayo Akinfolarin / October 26, 2018

Murano F1 cucumber is a hybrid variety of slicing cucumber. It grows well under tropical conditions. This variety of cucumber grows very tall up to 8 feet if well maintained and cared for.

The fruits of Murano F1 cucumber are long, big and cylindrical in shape. This variety has a very high yield compared to the open pollinated varieties.

MuranoF1 cucumber can be grown under greenhouse and open field conditions. It can also be grown all year round because of its good tolerances for a number of pests and diseases.

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murano f1 cucumber nigeria

Characteristics of Murano F1 Cucumber

  • MuranoF1 cucumber plants are very vigorous in their growth pattern. This variety grows very tall with broad leaves. The broad leaves make this variety very efficient in the use of sunlight and photosynthesis.
  • Very large leaf covers
  • Crawling plant structure, this variety will do well if staked.
  • The length of MuranoF1 cucumber fruit is between 22cm – 26cm
  • The weight of the fruit of this variety can be up to 700 grams
  • The diameter of the fruit is 5 – 6 cm
  • The fruits are dark green. In some parts of Nigeria, people prefer the dark green type of cucumber fruits.
  • Fewer seeds in the fruits
  • Maturity time of 39-45 days
  • Tolerance of downy mildew infection
  • Tolerance to powdery mildew infection
  • Tolerance to cucumber mosaic virus

Advantages of planting MuranoF1 cucumber

Very high yield, I know some farmers who harvested over 600 bags (weight of a bag is 40-45kg) from one acre of farmland.

Good acceptability in the Nigerian market: Nigerians especially those living in the southern and northern part of the country prefer the dark green colour of MuranoF1 cucumber.

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Murano F1 cucumber can stay longer than most varieties after harvest. I have heard stories of this variety staying for over 8 days without spoilage.

It can be harvested within a very short time. This can allow you to plant it severally within one year. You will also be able to turn your investment over multiple times.

This variety can do well in all parts of Nigeria and can grow well in all seasons.

It is one of the commonest hybrid cucumber varieties cultivated in Nigeria.

Resistance to some diseases and pests

Disadvantages of planting Murano F1 cucumber

The yield can be too much and if you do not have a good marketing plan, you may not be able to sell the cucumbers harvested

The price of murano F1 cucumber seeds is a bit high, though the yield can justify the high price.

Where can I buy Murano F1 cucumber

You can buy MuranoF1 cucumber from Veggie Grow Limited. You can email them on [email protected] or call 08025141924.

Should I plant Murano F1 cucumber

Yes, I will strongly advise you plant Murano F1 cucumber seeds. The yields are always every high if you follow good agronomic practices.

There is also good market acceptability for this variety of cucumbers.

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