Jaumo – One of the best dating apps to make money

Jaumo is one of the best dating apps worldwide. In Nigeria, Jaumo is the second most popular dating app after Tinder. The flexibility of Jaumo’s app is great, it is very easy to download the app, join and star dating.

Jaumo is one of the free dating apps available on the internet.

Jaumo has over 20 million users with about 2,000 new downloads daily.

With Jaumo, you can start chatting with people instantly. Those who want to be flirtatious can see their matches so easily. Chats on Jaumo can lead to no strings dating or even marriage.

How to download Jaumo

Do you have an android phone or iphone? Just go to itunes or Google Play store, search for Jaumo and download it on your phone.

Jaumo is free to join, however you can join the VIP package and pay $2.99 per month.

Jaumo is available in English, German and Portugese.

jaumo and best dating apps

What you can use Jaumo for

Nigerians especially the young ones use Jaumo for a number of reasons. Some of the things Jaumo is used for include:


People who want to date others do go on Jaumo to find their match. You can have no strings date or date that will lead to either sex or marriage. The choice is yours.


Some people use Jaumo for just friendship. They make friends they can talk to and share thoughts and ideas.


This may sound absurd but it is true. There are a lot of people who go on dating sites like Jaumo to look for members of the opposite sex they can romp with.

Sex haunting is one of the key reasons a lot of young Nigerians use free dating apps. They look for attractive people that match their interests and specifications to date and this can later lead to under the bed spread game.


This is common among young women in Nigeria. They put attractive and seductive pictures of dating sites just to attract randy men. These randy men do not mind paying some monies just to access the bodies of these young women.

One of the work dating apps is doing in Nigeria is to disrupt the traditional prostitution market. People can stay in their homes and easily get those who will want to sleep with them for a fee.

I must state that this form of prostitution can be very dangerous considering the poor security situation of the country. I have heard of ladies been killed or kidnapped by the people they meet on dating sites.

If you want to mingle, Jaumo may be your best bet. It is unarguably one of the best dating apps in Nigeria.

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