How I revived a business through leads generation strategies

By Ayo Akinfolarin / September 24, 2018

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of any business. If you assemble the best team and assets and you do not know how to make people know and buy your products, your business is doomed.

About 18 months ago, I was asked to turn around the negative trend in the sales and profit of an adult toy company in Nigeria.

The company has a range of fantastic adult toys but it just had a problem of selling these products. The company was as the verge of collapse when I was engaged.

Within a few months of my engagement, sales leaped, thanks to the strategies I implemented.

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How I brought a failing company back to life

Below are some of the strategies used to revive a failing adult toys business in Nigeria:

Website and Digital Marketing Analysis

We started the total re-engineering of the company’s business and marketing strategies by analyzing its website and digital marketing tactics.

The website has a very poor design and there were no Calls to Actions (CTAs) on the key pages of the website. User experience on the website was also very poor.

The managers of this business never knew the importance of having a highly converting website.

After our analysis, we noted the issues with the website and the digital marketing tactics.

Redesign of website

When I was done with the website analysis, I redesigned the website of the company. I used WordPress and thrives themes.

Thrives theme package is one of the best website builder software in the world if not the best. I did some coding so that the website will have a good look and feel.

Calls to Action were put in conspicuous places on the website.

Everybody who saw the new website commented that it was beautifully designed. I also ensured that the new website is highly converting.

Creation of a blog section

I created a blog section on the website. Most business owners do not know the importance of having a good blog on their websites.

I have seen a lot of companies that gets over 50% of their sales through the blog they have on their websites. Content is king and you can make it to make a lot of money.

After the blog section was created on the website. I ensured that a new Search Engine Optimised (SEO) article was published on the blog every week or twice a week.

The articles target buy intent keywords and other money keywords related to the business of adult toys.

This made people who search for adult toy products on Google land on the website of this company.

The blog section of this company now brings about 65% of the annual sales of the company.

Search Engine Optimisation

Without Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), the efforts of the company in building a new website will amount to nothing.

The first day I told the managers of the company about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), they told me that they do not know how it can positively impact their business.

I went to work and did keyword research for all the key terms related to their business. I did competition analysis for all the keywords I identified in order to know the resources I will devote to each keyword in order to make it rank on Google SERP.

Over 500 keywords were identified and I planned to rank all these keywords on the first page of Google.

Original articles, images, videos and infographics were used for the blog content.

Key SEO strategies like the following were observed:

  • The use of keywords in the H tags
  • Making sure that the keyword is in the permalink and meta description
  • The density of the keywords were between 0.5%-2.5%
  • I did not do any keyword stuffing practices
  • Internal linking of posts and pages of the website was done
  • The first paragraph and the last paragraph of all blog posts have the targeted keywords
  • The minimum length of the blog article was at least 500 words. Most of the articles had number of words above 1,500
  • SSL/HTTPS was used for the domain
  • The speed of the website was optimized and reduced to 1.8s
  • Images and videos related to every post were used
  • Keywords were used in ALT tags of images etc.

The SEO strategy implemented for this company remained their largest asset. Without good SEO tactics, this company would not have been revived.

Social Media Marketing

Most businesses shy away from using the social media to market their products.

I used the social media to market the products of this company and also the market the blog contents.

Within few days, I increased the followership of this business on the social media by over 9,000%. The new popularity of this business on the social media brings a lot of leads and sales to the business.

Web scraping for leads

Do you know that a lot of people ask where to buy products on the web? This can be on popular forums or the social media.

I used this to the advantage of the company. I developed an application that crawls the web and scrapes the information of those who ask for products related to the business of this company.

The application sends automated response to those asking for where to buy the products the company sells. This also brings a lot of leads and sales to the company.

At a time, I scraped over 10,000 phone numbers of people asking for adult toys in Nigeria on the web. The company used this information judiciously.

Email marketing

The newly designed website of the company has sign up forms where people exchanged their email addresses for information on adult toys.

The social media page of the company also has sign up forms. I used GetResponse to manage the process of sending marketing and informational emails to the list of email addresses.

GetResponse ensured that the firm has over 98% inbox rate.

The business that was struggling and almost dead was brought back to life.

Today, this business makes a decent profit and it is expanding into other countries in West Africa, thanks to the leads generating strategies I deployed.

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