Hire Me

I am Ayo Akinfolarin, I lead a small content marketing firm.

We provide solutions to businesses and individuals in different areas. Below are some of the services we offer:

Freelance Writing

We write unique and well researched articles for brands, companies and individuals. If you need sales converting/SEO articles for your blog, website and landing page, you need to contact us now.

We can also help you to create and manage your blog.

Digital Marketing

We can improve your brand perception, increase leads and boost sales using our innovative digital marketing tactics. We will help your market your products and services on digital channels like search engines, social media, mobile apps and websites etc.

Keyword Research

We are skilled in the research of keywords related to the business you do. We can generate buy intent keywords and other types of keywords you can infuse into your content to generate leads and convert the leads to sales.

We have our own in-house software that crawls the web and search for keywords that are suitable for your business, our software can also reverse engineer the keyword strategy of top competitors in your industry with a view of unearthing the money keywords they us.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We can be hired for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We can significantly increase your website’s prominence on search engines especially Google.

When your website appears within the 1st – 3rd entry of Google SERPs, you are more likely to get more leads and make good money.

Articles on your website can be optimized for search engines so people can easily find you or your business on search engines.

Creation of blog on your existing website/Management of blog

If your website does not have a blog, you are losing a lot. A recent survey showed that businesses with blogs get over 200% more leads than those without a blog.

We can create a blog for you. Having a blog without maintaining it by posting well researched contents is same as having no blog. You can outsource your blog management to us.

We can also help in creating and monetizing blogs. Those interested in blogging can contact us.

Email Marketing

It is a known fact that email marketing is the cheapest way of getting leads for your business. Your email list may be worth more than all the physical assets you have in your business.

We can develop an effective and efficient email marketing strategy for your business.

Design of Highly Converting Landing Pages

A tweak in your landing page can significantly increase your leads and turnover. We can design highly converting landing pages that are visually attractive to the eyes. Our knowledge of programming, designs and colour psychology makes any landing page we design very profitable.

Reputation Management

Do you know that the appearance of the word ‘scam’ while searching for your business on the web can turn away over 90% of your potential customers?

Jealous people and competitors can damage your reputation online in a bid to give their own businesses more mileage.

We do both proactive and reactive reputation management. We can drown negative mentions of your business or brand on the web using strategies like ranking of parasites, local listing and positive sentiments tactics etc.

Do not wait till they damage your reputation; contact us now for proactive reputation management.

Social Media Account Management

Having one post on your social media accounts once in a while will do your business or brand no good. We can manage your social media accounts and create several well researched and beautiful posts every day.


Stop wasting your money on Pay Per Click (PPC) adverts. Let us design PPC campaigns that will convert well for you.

Dissertation/Thesis/Coursework Writing

Smart work pays not hard work. We have a team in charge of creation of contents including research notes. We can help you write well researched and top quality dissertation or thesis (Bsc, Msc and Ph.D). We also help students in the areas of course work and assignments.

Content Creation

We can create or design eye appealing contents.

Article Writing/Copywriting

Do you need an article writer or a copywriter? Contact us now.


Infographics convey meaning in a much more eye appealing way than writing. People are likely to share infographics on social media than actual writings like articles.

Adding infographics to your contents can prove very profitable. We will be glad to create attractive infographics for you.


Like infographics, if you need a powerpoint presentation with lots of attractive designs like charts, we will be happy to assist you.

Animations and videos

We create animations and videos for businesses, brands and individuals who need them. Just tell us your requirements and we will wow you.

Website Design

How your website looks says a lot about your business or brand. Do you want an attractive website with calls to action in strategic places on the site? Speak with us now.

Design of Amazon Affiliate websites

Those wanting to make money from blogging may consider participating in Amazon Affiliate programme. We can make this journey less stressful for you by helping you to build Amazon Affiliate websites using less competitive buy intent keywords.

Programming and design of bots

Web scrapers

We can help you scrape the web for data like email addresses, just think of any data you want to scrape on the web, we will be happy to assist.

We have used our web scraping skills to increase leads for a number of businesses in Nigeria and other countries.

Automation of repetitive tasks

Do you have any tasks you do every day? We can design an application to automate this task. You will not only save time, you will also save cost if you automate repetitive tasks.