GTB Internet Banking – How you can make millions with GTB Online banking

Guaranty Trust Bank is one of the largest banking conglomerates in Nigeria. Their GTB internet banking platform is one of the best in the country, with GTB online banking platform you can do a lot of banking transactions.

GTB internet banking has made banking services seamless for Nigerians. You do not need to visit GT bank to carry out banking transactions again.

Smart entrepreneurs are now making good money through the help of GTB internet banking facility.

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How to register for GTB Internet Banking Facility

Visit a GT bank or their representatives to open a bank account. Having a bank account with GT bank is a prerequisite before you are allowed to register for GTB internet banking facility

Indicate on the account opening form that you want internet banking facility. If you are an account holder with GT bank, you can download the form from GT bank’s website or you go to a branch of the bank to request for the form. Fill the form and submit.

You will be notified if your application for GTB online banking facility is successful.

How to carry out transactions on GTB Internet Banking Facility

Go to and log in with your credentials into the internet banking section. You will need your GTB online banking user ID and password.

You will need to choose the type of transactions you want to do.

For example, if you want to do a local bank transaction, you will need to click the Account Transfer tab, a form will pop up, you will need to fill in the bank details of who you want to transfer funds to and the amount you wish to transfer.

For FX transactions, you will need to go to the FX Transactions tab and fill the banking details of the beneficiary of the FX funds transfer.

You need a GTB token to authenticate the transaction. You can apply for a token at any branch of Guaranty Trust Bank at the rate of N2,100 or you use the USSD code. The USSD code is *737*7#, your telecoms provider will charge N10 for every session of USSD request.

GTB online banking

How GT Internet banking/GTB Online Banking Facility make money for businesses and individuals

With GTB internet banking or GTBonline banking facility, a lot of businessmen and individuals have been able to make money whilst reducing the stress associated with bank branch visits.

I will discuss some instances below:

A trader who regularly needs to carry huge physical cash around now uses GTB internet facility to transfer money to his sellers. Uche who once carried over N5 million cash to Lagos to buy goods from his suppliers in Idumota, Lagos now transfers money to his suppliers on the GTB online banking facility.

Uche reduces the risk of theft by using GTB internet banking platform. He does not need to face the stress of moving physical cash around or visiting bank branches.

Seto, a blogger who receives funds into his GT bank account from Google now converts the funds received from Google into naira using GTB internet banking platform.

Benefits of GTB Internet Banking Facility

  • Transactions can be carried out 24/7. You can wake up in the middle of the night and transfer funds to anyone using the GTB online banking platform.
  • You can monitor your account real time. All transactions appear on your internet banking platform real time
  • Convenience, you do not need to visit bank branches again or move huge physical cash around
  • You can access GT bank’s other product offerings

Open a bank account with GT bank today and apply for GTB Internet banking or GTB online banking facility.

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