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Have you been looking for a ghostwriter? Have you been searching for writers to develop your contents for you? Have you been looking for people to help you write your articles, textbooks and other journalistic materials? If yes, you have come to the right place.

Who is a ghostwriter? A ghostwriter is one who can help you draft or write articles, blog post, newspaper articles, memoirs, autobiographies, thesis, dissertations and other written materials. A ghostwriter will surrender his intellectual capital right and pass it to you, that is, you will assume the ownership of any writing work a ghostwriter writes for you.

Some ghostwriters help in writing musical lyrics.

What we can do for you as a ghostwriter

Newspaper Articles

Do you want to write newspapers’ articles or notes but you do not have the time to put something down? You need to contact us now. We can develop any newspaper content to your satisfaction. Our ghostwriting service is excellent and very fast.

Blog Posts

If you want to make good money, generate leads or get more sales from your blog, you need to write search engine optimized articles with lots of graphics like images, infographics, animations and other visuals. We can do this for you as a ghost writer.

Social Media Posts

We can also craft and post highly converting comments on your social media accounts. We do A/B testing before posting any message on any social media platform.

We use our copywriting skills and knowledge of colour psychology to make social media posts very engaging.


Are you a student who needs a ghostwriter to develop your long essay, term paper, coursework, thesis or dissertation? If yes, we are willing to help you.

Our writers and researchers are university lecturers trained in some of the most developed countries of the world. Any work we do is original and free of plagiarism.

Textbooks or handouts

If you are a university or higher institution lecturer, we can help you to develop your textbook, course material or ‘handouts’.

With our service, you do not need to worry yourself with the writing of your course materials, just concentrate on your teaching job as a lecturer.

ghost writer


A lot of people wish to put down a material detailing all the events and happenings in their lives while they are alive. The sheer work of doing this often puts them off. If you are in this category, you do not need to worry again. We will be happy to be your ghostwriter.


We can help you craft your marketing notes, landing page write ups and other marketing materials. We know how to use psychological writing skills to influence purchase decision.

A good copywriter can significantly increase leads for a company whilst also increasing turnover and profit.

Speech Writing and Presentations

If you need a speech writer or someone who can use powerpoint to design great presentations for you, you have come to the right place. Just engage us, tell us your topic, we will research and develop a great content for you.

If you need a ghostwriter, just contact us now and let us wow you.

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