Eskimi as a dating and money making site

Eskimi is a social networking site where you meet and chat with people from different locations.

Eskimi mobile dating app has over 8 million registered users. The users are primarily from Nigeria, Ghana and other African countries.

Eskimi is a competitor to Facebook and other big social networking sites in Nigeria.

Eskimi is the biggest African dating site. A lot of Nigerians are registered on this site. While Eskimi is primarily for dating, some Nigerians are also using it for business and money making purposes.

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How to register on Eskimi

The first step is for you to own an internet ready mobile phone. An android, window or iphone will do.

Download Eskimi app to your mobile phone. Eskimi app can be found in Google play store for android users, windows store for windows phone users and itunes for iphones.

Once you have downloaded the app, a form will pop up, you need to fill in your details in the form. Details asked on the app include your name, email address and password.

Boom, you are now a registered user of Eskimi.

You can now start to add people on the app, chat with them and if you like, you can develop a relationship with them. Eskimi is mostly used for dating and mingling in Nigeria and other African countries.


How people are making money on Eskimi


Smart business owners know that a lot of Nigerians are on this social networking site, they advertise their businesses’ product offerings on this website to get more customers and increase their leads and sales.

A friend of mine told me how he bought an advert slot on Eskimi and he made millions of naira from the placement. His Returns on Investment (ROI) was above 400%, thanks to the wide coverage of Eskimi.

Big brands make use of Eskimi’s advertisement channel to make several millions of naira.

Dating for money

This may sound awkward but a lot of Nigerians date for money. I have heard stories of people getting huge sum of money from the people they meet and fall in love with online. There are people who intentionally go to dating sites to find rich people they can date and make money from.

Illegal Activities

Criminals also called Yahoo boys sometimes use Eskimi to find people they can scam. They go on this app, change their identity and use some dubious strategies to scam their prey. The news media is always awashed with news about criminals scamming innocent people on social networking sites.


Yes, so people get employed on Eskimi. Your interaction with people on this social networking site may lead to employment. Different people are registered users of Eskimi, some need people to employ and if you match their requirements, you may be employed.

A young man got a job as a personal assistant through his interaction with a business manager registered on Eskimi.

While this social networking app may positively impact your life. You should be careful not to fall into the hands of scammers when using Eskimi.

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