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Getting a good copywriter is becoming a huge challenge nowadays. There are several good article writers but I can assure you that there are very few good copywriters.

Who is a copywriter? A copywriter is one who writes for the purpose of advertising and marketing. Copywriters are needed to develop contents for billboards, sales letter, reports, sales bulleting, websites, landing pages, marketing notes, PPC, social media posts and all other marketing documents.

Copywriters are those who know how to use psychology to make people buy your products and services. A simple tweaking of the write up on a landing page can increase leads by over 500%, this is what copywriters do.

A good copywriter should know how to use call actions and where to use it on a sales page. The knowledge of colours and how they affect human psychology and purchasing decision is also a plus for a good copywriter.

The power of words is great only if you know how to use them. Developing marketing documents like academic papers will do little or nothing for your sales figures.

Do you need good copywriters? If yes, you can contact us.


How can I become a good copywriter?

It is good to be educated but you do not really need any degree to be a good copywriter. What you need is to know how to use English language well, good writing skills and how to use human psychology to influence purchase decisions through your writings.

A good copywriter should also be able to measure Returns on Investment (ROI) based on his writing work. If a good copywriter provides the content of a sales landing page, he should be able to estimate the ROI from his work and the actual ROI at the end of the sales campaign.

We employ and train copywriters always. In case, you do not wish to work with us, you can find a good marketing or advertising agencies you can work with.

Engaging in voluntary work as a copywriter can also help in building your skills. Once you have garnered good experience, you can start your own copywriting agency or work with other agencies.

What we can do for you as a copywriting agency

  • We can do the following for you:
  • Design highly converting landing pages
  • Design a website with good sales copy
  • Writing great sales copy and sales bulletin
  • Designing highly engaging pay per click adverts
  • Designing of brochures
  • Developing forms with psychological buying intent
  • Crafting converting social media posts
  • Writing press releases
  • Re-designing your poorly converting sales documents and pages
  • Designing images, animations, infographics and videos you can use for your sales documents

Knowing your objectives or goals of hiring a copywriter is key. In Nigeria, a lot of companies still believe that writing sales documents do not require any special skills. This is wrong; we have seen instances where companies increase their leads and turnover 5-10 folds by just engaging a good copywriter to change the wordings of their landing pages and other sales documents.

Engage us as your copywriter now and let us grow your leads and turnover.

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Ayo Akinfolarin