Bet9ja Mobile App – Make N2.5 Million from this betting platform monthly

By Ayo Akinfolarin / September 1, 2018

Bet9ja mobile app is one of the most innovative and profitable betting application anyone can use to place sport bets.

This betting app can easily be downloaded on a mobile phone especially a smart phone. If you own an android or an Iphone, you can easily get bet9ja mobile app.

Most people nowadays do not bother to go to bet9ja shops, they simply grab their phones, download a betting application and start betting. You can even make payments for your bets on most if not all the betting apps around today.

Bet9ja is unarguably one of the most popular betting companies in Nigeria.

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How to download and install Bet9ja Mobile App on your phone

Android Phone Users

If you own an android phone, you need to take the below steps to download bet9ja mobile app on your phone:

  • Go to Playstore on your phone
  • Search for bet9ja or bet9ja mobile or bet9ja mobile app
  • Once, you see the bet9ja app, just click install and wait for the installation process to finish.
  • After the completion of installation, you will clearly see bet9ja mobile app as one of the installed apps on your android phone
  • Click the betting app, fill in some details and start betting.

bet9ja mobile app in Nigeria

Iphone Users

Downloading and installing bet9ja mobile app on Iphones is similar to that of android phones. You need to take the below steps:

  • Go to App Store
  • Click search and type bet9ja mobile app in the search column
  • The bet9ja app will show. Click install and wait for the installation process to end
  • Open the installed mobile app and start placing your bets.

How to make millions on Bet9ja Mobile App

To make money on the mobile platform of bet9ja, you need to do the following:

Get the mobile app

You need to install the bet9ja mobile app on your phone if you really want to make money from this betting company.

The process to install the app on your phone has been explained above.

After installation, you will need to input your data like your name, address, email address and phone number etc.

You will also need to add your ATM card details or you simply go to the bank to deposit into bet9ja’s bank account before you place bets.

Place bets

If you really want to make good money from betting, you should not be afraid to place bets.

You should also be consistent. However, you do not need to be greedy. You should also not use all your money for sports betting.

Only bet on the outcome of the sports you are well informed about. In Nigeria, football betting is the most popular type of sports betting.

Do not be too greedy

Greed can ruin your chances of making millions from sports betting. You should have a percentage of money you want to use for betting every day or every week. On no occasion should you exceed that limit.

Just like stocks trading, you should not exceed the limit you have set for yourself.

Have a good predicting service

Do you know that there are people who are skilled in the prediction of outcome of a sport or game?

Some of these experts use pure statistical methods while some use spiritual method. The spiritual method is not scientific though.

There are also people who are just naturally gifted in the prediction of winning numbers.

If you know a good expert, please consult them. You will increase your chances of winning by using good predictive methods.

Now that you know that you can bet with the aid of your mobile phone, go on and download the bet9ja mobile app on your phone and start making money.

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