Hey, welcome to my blog. This blog discusses issues relating to making money, politics, entertainment and sports. The blog has more of making money and personal finance topics.

Below are some the things you will find on my blog:

  • How to make money from side hustles
  • How to leverage on the internet to make money
  • Making money from blogging
  • How you can use digital marketing to increase your sales by over 500%
  • Practical steps to take to be your own boss
  • Businesses you can do to make good money in Nigeria
  • How you can become a freelancer
  • Programming and money making
  • And a host of other entertainment, politics and sports topics

My blog has helped a lot of people to start money making ventures and side gigs. There are instances of young graduates who read this blog and started making money for themselves through freelancing and other internet businesses.

About Ayo Akinfolarin 

I am the brain behind 30billion.

I studied and worked in three continents of the world. I had my postgraduate education in the United Kingdom. I worked extensively in the financial services and software development sectors in the UK and India.

I have worked as an Investment banker, freelance writer, python programmer and digital marketing analyst in Europe, Asia and Africa.

I am an unrepentant entrepreneur. I run a number of businesses.

When I am not blogging, I build websites for businesses and individuals. I also help businesses to increase their sales figure using my digital marketing, writing and programming skills. You will also find me developing bots for web scraping and automation of repetitive tasks.

Do not be surprised seeing me tilling the soil and growing vegetables at my leisure time.

That’s it. Catch up with you later!