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Merrybet Mobile – Surefire ways to win millions from this game

merrybet mobile

Merrybet mobile is the mobile version of Merry  Bet. Merrybet is a sports betting company in Nigeria. It is hugely popular amongst the old and the young. It is not common to see Merrybet agents in all nooks and crannies of big cities in Nigeria.

Merrybet has turned a lot of people to emergency millionaires. There are winners who won over N10 million by placing bets with this betting company. Of course, there are people who also lost their monies.

Most of the bets on merrybet mobile are sports oriented. That is you have to bet about the future occurrence of a sporting event. The popular sports people bet on this betting platform is football, basketball, tennis, motorsport, baseball, wrestling, boxing, winter sports, beach soccer and rugby. Most Nigerians prefer football betting.

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Merrybet Mobile Registration – How to create a betting account

To create a merrybet mobile account on your phone, you need to visit and click on register.

Register on Merrybet

You will be asked to fill in your personal details on the registration form. The personal details you will need to fill include your first and last names, phone number, email address, username and password.

Once you complete the registration form, an activation email will be sent to you from merrybet, you need to click on the link in the email to activate your betting account.

If you want to start placing bets right away, you will need to deposit funds into your betting account by using your ATM card or debit/credit card.

You can also fund your merrybet mobile account by visiting any of the agents of merrybet or you pay through quickteller. It is a fairly straightforward procedure.

After you have funded your account, you can then start to place bets. You can bets on the future occurrence of any of the sporting events or games listed on this betting company’s website. Bets can be placed on your mobile phone or any internet connected computer or you visit any merrybet’s outlet. This company has agents all around the country.

merrybet mobile

How to win Merrybet Games

To increase your chances of winning while placing bets, you need to do the following:

Check historical records or data

For example, if you are betting on football games, you need to check the historical data and information on the football player or team you are placing bets on. This will guide you in predicting the future performance of the player or team.

This is similar to forecasting in statistics and finance.

Bet frequently

Winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win. This is a known law in business and life. If you continuously push for or chase a cause, you will likely win. However, do not bet more than a small percentage of your monthly income in order not to fall into a big financial problem.

Spiritual Method

Though, this is not scientific. There are people who claim they bet with the assistance of their spiritual leaders. You should exercise restraint before you use this strategy as it cannot be statistically or scientifically proven.

How to become a Merrybet Mobile Agent

If you are business minded and you want to be an entrepreneur, you can apply to become the agent of Merrybet. You just need to find a location with good foot traffic and set up your betting shop there.

As an agent, you will receive a 35% weekly commission on all sports bets. You will also earn a 50% monthly commission on all sports bets. On virtual bets, you will receive a 50% weekly commission.

You need to take the following steps in order to be a successful agent:

  • Apply to be an agent
  • Rent a shop or an outlet in a busy area
  • Equip the shop or outlet with furniture and electronics
  • Hire trustworthy staff
  • Ask your bank for a Point of Sale Machine
  • Earn additional income by selling food and drinks around your betting shop
  • Be friendly with your customers
  • Pay winning sums promptly and be honest with your customers
  • Use digital marketing to let people know your business

I know betting shops in Lagos that makes over N1 million sales in a day. Being an agent can be very profitable if you know what you are doing.

Merrybet mobile can make you money if you play smart.

Zulubet: How to make N1 million monthly from this betting company

By Ayo Akinfolarin / September 19, 2018

Zulubet is one of the best betting prediction companies in the world. Zulubet engages in predicting the outcome of sporting events all over the world.

For people who like betting on bet9ja, merrybet or 9jabet platforms, they can use zulubet to increase their chances of winning the games they choose.

I have a lot of friends who have won millions of naira from their bets, thanks to zulubet. They never place any bet without using the services of this prediction company.

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How to make money from Zulubet

You can make money from this prediction company through a number of ways. Below are some of the strategies you can use to make money from Zulubet:

Register to join Zulubet

Though you can use this prediction company services without registering, it will be better if you register with them.

You can register using this link

Play with caution

Do not use the predicted numbers of this company without doing your own research and analysis.

Once you get the predicted winning numbers, research more and be sure that the prediction is right. Doing further research and analysis will improve your chances of winning your bets.

Predict winning numbers for people

If you are business minded, you can start your own betting prediction service by scraping the data on Zulubet’s website.

Just find a way you can leads to your business and start selling your predicted numbers to bettors.

You do not need to have a physical office in order to run a betting prediction service. You can have a website and operate remotely.

I know people who use whatsapp to sell predicted winning numbers to bettors.

zulubet nigeria

Start a blog

Do you know that you can start a blog by using the data on Zulubet’s website?

To start a blog, you need to register a domain name, host the domain, download wordpress and design your website.

You need to upload original contents (articles, videos and images etc.) on your blog in order to have traffic.

Monetising your blog will bring a lot of money to you if you know the tricks.

Are you still finding it tough to use zulubet? If yes, why not contact me now.

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Live Soccer: Surefire ways to make N2 million monthly

By Ayo Akinfolarin / September 15, 2018
live soccer

Live soccer viewing business otherwise called football viewing centre business can be very lucrative if you know the secrets.

You can make millions of naira every month from this business. However, you must implement some strategies before you can smile to the bank.

I know a number of your men and women who make incredible sums of money from football viewing centres in Nigeria every month. Some have even expanded their businesses to a lot of cities and towns in Nigeria, and they started very small.

How to start a live soccer business

To launch your live soccer business, you need to take the following steps:

Do a feasibility study

Yes, a lot of Nigerians like watching football matches. I have not seen a country that loves football like Nigeria.

However, this should not push you to start a live soccer business without doing any research. A feasibility study will tell you if the business will be worthwhile for you.

The study will also show you how you can mitigate risks that may come up when you start the business.

Most businesses that fail never commissioned a feasibility study before starting out. You do not need to do a formal feasibility study. Just go around and ask questions about the business.

You can do business research yourself without employing any consultant.

Register your business

It is always good to be on the side of the law. Before you start your live soccer business, you should register a business name or a limited liability company.

No government authority or bank will deal with you if your business is not legally registered with the government.

The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is in charge of registering new businesses in Nigeria. You can register a business name yourself. Just go on the portal of CAC, fill in your details, pay the prescribed fees and your business will be registered.

live soccer nigeria

Establish a banking relationship

Now that you have decided to start a live soccer business, it is advisable for you to open a bank account and start a relationship with a good bank.

You can bank with Guaranty Trust Bank, First Bank or any bank you want.

Just walk into the branch of your choice bank with your business registration documents. Ask to see a relationship manager or officer. Tell him or her you want to open a bank account for your business.

The relationship officer will give you a bank account opening form to fill. Immediately the form is filled, your bank account will be opened.

If you manage your bank account very well, your bank will be happy to offer you a credit facility in form of loans, advances or overdrafts.

Rent or build your live soccer outlet

Renting an outlet is very important. Also renting will reduce your cash outflow instead of building.

You should rent your outlet in a busy area. Never open a live soccer outlet in a desolate high brow area. People who live in high brow areas watch live soccer or live football matches in their homes.

Live soccer outlets sited in areas peopled by the middle class and poor people are usually very profitable.

Buy the equipment needed for live soccer streaming

You need to get some equipment before you fully start your live soccer viewing business. Equipment like televisions, routers, satellite TV equipment like DSTV, fan, air conditioners, power generator, tables and chairs etc.


Marketing is the heartbeat of any business. If you have the most equipped live soccer viewing centre and nobody knows about you, you will not make money.

You need to use marketers to sell your products to people around you. You can use words of mouth to tell people about your business.

You can also use digital marketing and search engine optimization to make your business more popular.

Sell other products or services

You can make more money from live soccer viewing business by cross selling other products or services to those who come to watch football matches in your outlet or viewing centre.

Just think of a product or service you can sell.

Other ways to make money from live soccer

Betting business

Betting business is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. A lot of Nigerians like betting especially sport betting.

You can be an agent or partner of bet9ja, accessbet, surebet247, merrybet and Baba Ijebu etc. Just cross ell betting products to those who come to view football matches in your live soccer viewing centre.

Forecasting service

You can start a sports betting prediction service. Just use portals like predictz, statarea and livescore etc to predict the games or numbers that will win.

Sell your predictions to your customers.

You can make really good money by starting a live soccer business. Why not give a try today.

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Accessbet – 7 surefire ways to make N5 million from this betting firm

By Ayo Akinfolarin / September 4, 2018

Accessbet is one of the betting companies in Nigeria. Just like 9jabet, bet9ja, surebet247 and merrybet, you can make good money from Accessbet if you know the tricks.

This article unearths the tricks you can use to make millions from Accessbet. Read on and see how to make good money from betting.

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How to play Acessbet games

You need to register with Accessbet on After registraion, you can start to place bets on your favourite sports or games.

On Accessbet, you can bet on the following games:

  • Premier League
  • La Liga
  • Ligue 1
  • Baseball
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Table Tennis
  • Lawn tennis
  • Bundesliga etc.

Accessbet allows Nigerians to pay the cost of their bets through the use of their ATM cards. You do not need to worry about getting a dollar denominated card.

Ways to make money from Accessbet

Play the game consistently

Just like how people say, if you want to get the diamond in the rock, you should be prepared to consistently break the rock till you can access the diamond.

Hard work and persistence pays while betting, however, you should not be foolish with this.

You can make good money from Accessbet by consistently placing bets with them. You should be responsible when betting.

Analyse the game well before using your funds to bet.

accessbet mobile

Do not bet blindly

Betting blindly is like driving a car blindfolded. You will surely crash and lose your money. You should carefully observe the past trends of the game you want to place bets on.

Study the trend well before pulling the trigger.

When you are careful, you are likely to make more money from Accessbet. For example, if you are an addict of football and you want to place a bet on Arsenal.  It will be nice if you can investigate the past trend of the score line of the club before you commit your funds.

Use prediction service

I know a lot of people think that there are no good betting prediction services. Let me shock you, there are good firms and individuals that predict winning numbers accurately. Though they are not 100% right but they are in most cases 50-75% correct.

Some of these prediction services have PhD holders in statistics and mathematics, these experts use predictive models to arrive at winning numbers.

Some people also claim that some spiritualists are gifted in betting prediction. This is not scientific so I cannot explain it in detail.


Start a betting shop

Starting a betting shop where people can come to place bets through Accessbet portal can make you millions of naira.

All you need to do is to get some internet connected computers, rent a shop and make sure you show some live matches on the televisions in your shop.

So far your betting shop is in a busy area, people will patronize your business.

Start a prediction service

People and companies that provide predict winning numbers for bettors make a ton of money in Nigeria. This I am sure of. I know a number of people in Lagos that make good money by predicting winning numbers in Baba Ijebu.

Some of my friends who do this earn over N2 million every month. You can use good statistical software to get data patterns and winning numbers.

Do not be greedy

In betting, greed kills. You will lose all your money if you are too greedy. Learn to cut your losses and cap your profits.

Never spend above a portion of your monthly income on betting. Accessbet even encourages their customers to be responsible when betting.

Bet on sporting events you follow

If you follow football events, it is only better you place bets on football events. Do not go and bet on basketball events that you know nothing about.

Register with Accessbet today and start to make money.

Soccervista – Secret of making N2 million per month from this website

By Ayo Akinfolarin / September 3, 2018
soccervista in Nigeria

Soccervista provides predictions and live results of football events in almost all acountries of the world. When it comes to live reporting and prediction of scores of soccer events, soccervista is one of the leaders in the world.

The website of soccervista is very easy to use. You just need to visit and you will find the data, scores and other information of soccer events in all the continents of the world.

Soccervista is a one stop shop for those who place bets on football events. If you are a football bettor, this company will be invaluable to you.

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Information provided by soccervista

Soccer vista provides a range of data and information on their website. Below are some of the information this prediction outfit provides:

Bet of the day

Soccer vista provides information about bets of the day.

Some of the information provided are:

  • Banker of the day
  • Other bankers
  • Value bet of the day
  • Other value bets
  • Draw bets of the day

Before you place your bets, you can use the above information to improve your chances of winning.


Picks by email

Soccervista can also send you predictions and information about soccer and bets to your email address every day.

You will need to register with soccer vista before you get to receive their predictions through email.


Liverscore is the score of football matches currently being played from all regions and continents of the world.

This score can be livescores of the UK premiership football matches or LA Liga matches or world cup matches etc.

Soccer vista provision of this information is particularly useful to those who do not have access to live soccer matches.


Soccer vista also provide statistics about football matches, clubs and players etc.

If you are the type that loves soccer statistics, you are in the right place.

How to make money from soccervista

I am sure this is what you are waiting for. Laughter! Below are some of the ways you can make good money from soccervista:

Bet prediction

You can make money from bettors by providing bet predictions to them. What you need to do is just to use soccer vista to get the predictions and sell same to bettors.

The predictions can also be used by you to place bets on football events. You just need to open a betting account with a betting company like bet9ja, merrybet or surebet247 or 9jabet etc. Place a bet using the predictions you have.

With a good predictive data, your chances of winning the bets you place can be significantly improved.


Do not be surprised that there are researchers who are willing to pay handsomely for access to good data on soccer.

If you know this type of researchers, you can make money by getting data from soccer vista and selling it to them.

Development of games

The data from soccer vista can be used to design computer games. Game coders make a lot of money. You can use the data in soccer vista to make games and at the same time, earn some cash.

Stop using soccervista for fun, you can make millions from it.

Surebet247 – The tricks to make N1.7 million per month from this game

By Ayo Akinfolarin / August 30, 2018

Surebet247 is one of the most lucrative betting platforms in Nigeria, though not as popular as bet9ja but a lot of people have made millions from this new betting company. This company has a similar payout rate like merrybet.

Surebet247 came into being within the last 8 years and it has paid out several millions of naira to winners of its betting games.

This company is more of an online betting platform and it concentrates on accepting sporting bets. Football betting is one of its most popular products.

Surebet247 trades under the name of Chessplus International Limited. It is licensed to carry out betting business in Lagos and all the states of the federation.


How to join surebet247

You need to join surebet247 by clicking this link

After clicking the link, a form will pop up.

You will need to fill in your name, date of birth, address, email address, phone number, bank information, username and password.

If your application is successful, surebet247 will send you a confirmation email and welcome you to its betting platform.


How to pay for your bets on surebet247

You will need to deposit funds into your betting account before you can place bets with surebet247.

Below are the ways you can deposit into your betting account:

Card Deposit

After logging into your betting account, choose the game or sport you wish to bet on. Enter the amount you want to stake, and then click card payment.

You can pay with your ATM card, visa card, MasterCard or Verve card. You can also use interswitch to pay for the bets you place.

Bank Deposit

You can also pay directly into the bank account of surebet247. You will see the bank information of the betting company on your account.

Just go to their bank, fill the teller and pay the betting amount.  Your betting account will reflect the amount you deposit into surebet247’s bank account.

USSD Deposit

You can also use *737*50*1000# to deposit funds into your betting account. It is a very simple to deposit small amount into your surebet247 account.

Types of sports betting on surebet247


Football is a game followed by a lot of people. In Nigeria, almost all adults love the game of football. During football matches, you see a lot of people jostling to view the live match.

On surebet247 platform, you can bet on the outcome of a lot of football games namely the UK football premiership matches, La Liga, world cup matches, best player of the match and the player to score the first goal etc.


Other sports you can bet on surebet247 include:

  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Baseball
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Tennis
  • Aussie Rules
  • American Football
  • Golf
  • Handball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Motor Racing
  • Rugby League etc

How to win millions on surebet247

Don’t bet blindly

You should endeavour to place bets on games or sporting events you are familiar with. If you are skilled in statistics, you can also use some prediction models to improve your chances of winning your bets.

Take betting like a business

When you take sports betting like a serious business, you are likely to make good money. You should be serious with it and only take calculated and well thought out risks.

Consult prediction experts

You should consult good prediction experts and you are likely to win most of your bets. There are people who are very skilled in the act of predicting sporting events. Just like traders who predict the movement in the prices of stocks.

Though not scientific, I have a friend that consults spiritualists and astrologists and he is making good money from the prediction they give him.

Concentrate your efforts on few sports or games

I personally have a preference for football events. Try and bet only on one or a maximum of two types of games. You should choose the games you have good information and data about.

Most people who place bets on a lot of games or sporting events burn themselves out and they lose their investments.

A friend of mine bets only on football matches on surebet247 and he makes good money every month.

Now it’s time to make money, why not place bets on surebet247, I bet you are likely to make money.

Nairabet – How to make N3 million monthly from this game

By Ayo Akinfolarin / August 27, 2018

Nairabet is one of the most popular betting companies in Nigeria. This betting company has been paying people good money since it started operation.

A lot of people make good money every day from this fantastic betting company. You too can make millions of naira if you know the tricks of betting.

Read below and see how you can make some fast cash from this betting firm.

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How to make money from nairabet

Place a bet on nairabet

To make millions from nairabet, you need to first register with the betting company and start to place bets.

You can locate a betting shop around you if you prefer to place your bets in a physical outlet.

However, it is better to register on the web portal of nairabet and bet through the online platform. You will need to use your ATM card to pay. Alternatively, you can deposit into the bank account of the company.

Just like betnaija mobile, merrybet and 9jabet, you can bet on the outcome of sporting events like football, basketball and table tennis etc.

If you are a fan of the UK football premiership league, you can place a bet on the outcome of the matches of Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United and Everton etc.


Open a nairabet shop

You can also make money from betting by opening a physical betting shop.

You will need to contact nairabet for approval to use their brand.

Once you are allowed to be their agent, you will share your betting revenue with the company. This can be a very profitable business if your shop is located in an area with high foot traffic.



Participate in the affiliate marketing program of this betting company

You can also make a lot of money by joining the affiliate marketing program of this betting company. In order to make money through this route, you will need to know how to get traffic to your website.

Starting a blog is the best way to make money from affiliate marketing.

Start a betting prediction service

If you are a regulate bettor, you will know that some individuals or companies predict the winning numbers. These individuals or companies charge for their services.

If you know how to predict winning betting numbers through statistical and mathematical methods or any other method, you may be on your way to making millions of naira. Just tell people about your prediction skills and they will be happy to pay you handsomely.

Sell food and drinks around betting shops

Do you know that those who sell food and drinks to people who visit betting shops make a lot of money?

I know a young woman who makes over N200,000 every month by selling noodles, drinks and snacks to bettors.

To make money through this route, you need to site your eatery near to a betting shop. You can also ask the owner of a popular betting shop if he will allow you to sell food and drinks to his customers.

nairabet new

Tips to use to win bets

Bet frequently

If you really want to win the bets you place, you need to bet often. However, you should not turn yourself to a problem bettor.

If you frequently lose, you need to pause and re-appraise the betting model you use.

Those who bet once in a while hardly make good money from betting.

Have a working model

Do not bet just for the fun of it. You need to have a model or formulae that work for you. If you like betting on the outcome of UK premiership football matches, you need to know how to analyse the game.

Do not just place a bet blindly.


Take betting as a business

Those who see betting as gambling or a thing of luck will never make any money. Do you know that there are people who consult PhD holders in mathematics and statistics to build betting prediction models for them?

Betting is a serious business.

Do not bet with all your money

This is very important. Do not bet with 100% of your funds. There is a probability that you will lose the money. However, with good skills, you can significantly reduce the risk.

It is always a good strategy not to use all the cash you have to bet.

Create 2 or more betting accounts

You should try and open an online betting account. This affords you the opportunity to bet at any hour of the day.

You can also open more than one account and place bets on them. An online betting account also enables you to pay for bets using your ATM/debit/credit card.

Internet connection

You need to have a good internet connection in order to make money from nairabet.

Some bets are time bound, if your internet connection is slow, you may not be able to place your bets on time. This will cost you money.

Betting can be a good way to make money. Why not try nairabet today.

Bet for money – How to make millions from gaming


Bet for money is arguably one of the most popular money making ventures among the young and the old in Nigeria. A lot of Nigerians bet every day, even those you do not expect to bet. Go to any betting shop around your locality and you will see people trying to make bets on events like football matches, boxing and political events etc.

The advent of smart phones and the internet has made the bet for money business very convenient for those who can go to physical betting shops to bet. People in this category can place a bet at the comfort of their homes and offices using their smart phones or any other internet connected device.

Research has shown that about N2 billion is spent on sports betting daily in Nigeria. This statistics shows that money can be made from betting business. You need to find the niche you will play in. Are you willing to predict, bet and make money? Do you want to start a forecasting service? Do you want to own a betting shop?

You just have to choose a niche and start making money.

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How to make money in betting business

Place a bet for money

You can place a bet for money and win millions of naira. You should know that betting involves some kind of risk. You can lose all your money; you can also make a return on investment of over 5000% depending on the odds of your bet.

There are people who choose betting as their sole means of making a living. They use predictive strategies to increase their chances of winning.

Yes, there are concerns that a lot of people lose their savings on betting. We should also know that a lot of people have made incredible amount of money from betting.

bet for money

Establish a betting shop

You can partner with large betting companies to be their agents. You just need to sign an agreement with them and they will give you access to their betting equipment and software. You will take commissions from the total betting earnings you make in your shop.

This is a very lucrative business especially if you locate your betting shop in a place with high foot traffic. Nigerians still prefer to place bets in a physical betting shop.

There are betting shops in Lagos making over N2 million a day.

Forecasting Service

You may be surprised that there are businesses that forecasts expected winning numbers of bets for people in Nigeria and they make good money from this business.

If you are skilled in analyzing historical bet winning numbers and predicting the numbers that will win in the future, you can make good money.

Though forecasting services in Nigeria still use primitive methods and guess work. If you can apply data mining and statistical predictive models, you will make a fortune. Once, people know you that you can predict a winning number, they will run to you before making any bet.


I have seen a small eatery selling food and drinks around a betting shop making incredible amount of money. This lady has a small kiosk where she sells noodles and drinks to those who come to place bets in a betting shop, she told me that on a good day, she makes a turnover of over N50,000 and she converts about 40% of the turnover to profit.

Just locate a popular betting shop and set up a food joint around there. You may even ask the betting shop owner if she can allow you to sell food and drinks in the shop.

How to bet for money

Find a betting shop

You need to find the betting outlet you will place bets with. Do you want to bet in Baba Ijebu outlets? Do you want to bet in one of the sport betting companies in Nigeria? You need to choose any of Bet9ja, Nairabet, Merry Bet, Winners Golden Bet, Lions Bet, Naija Bet, Access Bet, Sure Bet 247, Bet Dey and 1960 Bet etc.

Decide whether you will bet online or in shop

You need to decide whether you will use your smart phone or computer to place a bet with any of the betting companies or you will physically visit their offices or outlets to bet.

It is much more convenient to bet with your mobile phone or computer as you can place a bet anytime you wish, even in the middle of the night.

Decide on the amount of money you can bet with

It is advisable you bet with the money you can afford to lose. Betting is like any business, there is a probability that you may lose all your money. Though, there are some strategies you can deploy to increase your chances of winning.

Do not use all your income to bet. It is better to use a small portion of your income to bet and do not be an impulse personality when it comes to betting.

Place bet for money

You need to place the right bet by asking the betting shop attendant to guide you. The betting attendant will receive your payments and place the requested bet for you. If you decide to bet on your smart phone, just pick the bet you want and pay with your debit card.

You must research well so that you can increase your chances of winning when betting.

Popular Betting Companies in Nigeria

There are several betting companies where you can place your bet in Nigeria. I will list a few below:

Baba Ijebu

This is arguably the most popular betting company in Nigeria. The not too educated people, blue collar workers and the not too affluent are the main customers of this betting company.

It is very likely that you will see a Baba Ijebu betting shop in almost all street corners in Lagos. This is to show how widely popular this company is.

Just visit one of their betting kiosks and place your bet.


Bet9ja is one of the most popular sports betting companies in Nigeria. They are also reputed as the betting company with the highest odds and payouts.

You can go to their shops to place a bet or place your bet on their portal.

bet for money

Merry Bet

Merry Bet is also a very betting company in Nigeria. This company usually gives a 100% bonus on your first deposit.

You can place a bet on their portal.

Other betting companies are Nairabet, Lion Bet and Sure Bet 247 etc.

There are several instances where some Nigerians have won millions of naira from placing bets. Place a bet today and who knows, you may win a substantial sum.